गुरुदेव भक्तों के शब्दों में – १ (Devotees on Gurudeva – 1)

Editor’s note: Babaji Girish Sharma, is an officiating priest and Kathāvācaka based in Mauritius. He performs Kathās on both Śrīrāmacaritamānasa and Śrīmadbhāgavatam. Readers can read more about him under here. Earlier this year, he came in contact with Shri Tulsi Peeth Seva Nyas and met Gurudeva to take his blessings. He sent us the following article on his first Darśana of Gurudeva. Last April during Caitra Navarātra I was scheduled to hold a nine-day Rāmakathā on the occasion of Rāmanavamī in Mauritius. While preparing for the Kathā, I was surfing the Internet and came across the official website of Jagadguru Rambhadracarya Ji Maharaj.  Without hesitation, I click on the link as I was eager to know more about him. The pictures of Guruji, especially his face, depicting purity were so enrapturing that I kept looking at them for long. I read about Guruji and was astonished to know that despite losing his physical eyesight in childhood, he has not only memorized the entire Rāmacaritamānasa but has also composed so many poetic works and has established such a huge legacy. I felt the life of His Holiness is very inspiring and is a perfect example of the saying “where there is a will there is a way.” As after Rāmanavamī (April 1, 2012) I was about to visit India, I thought why not to make this visit an opportunity to have the holy Darśana of such a great Sādhu. Immediately I started establishing contacts with the Chitrakoot Āśrama. By the mercy of Lord Rāma, very soon I received an email from the Āśrama, giving me full details of Guruji’s programs as well as some contact numbers. I was very glad as well as nervous knowing that shortly I would be having Darśana of such a rare divine soul. I started thinking how am I going to introduce myself, what am I going to say, what might be the reaction of Guruji and so on … a kind of mixed feeling was in my mind – fear as well as happiness. Nevertheless, I was determined for the Darśana. Once I landed in New Delhi, I started planning how to meet Guruji. I had to go to Varanasi and once reached there; inquiring about Guruji, I was informed that Guruji was holding a Mānasa Sammelana in a village three hours by road from Varanasi. The very first occasion I had, I arranged for a taxi and set forth to meet him. After some difficulties to find the exact location, finally I reached the village where Guruji was about to arrive. I waited for around one hour and was then informed that Guruji had just reached the rest house which was some 8 kms from where I was waiting. I took the taxi and finally reached the place. There were a few people, a small crowd, greeting His Holiness and from outside it was very difficult for me to get in or get noticed. However, I managed to call Jay – the close associate of Guruji, a boy around 10–12 years. As he knew already I was supposed to come, he easily recognized me and guided me inside. When I got inside the room, Guruji was seated on a Khaat and people were meeting him one by one.  I came in front and paid my obeisance to His lotus feet, by that time he already knew my name and that I came from Mauritius through Jay,  he held my hand and started talking to me normally. All the fear and nervousness I had were gone. I did not have to introduce me or to plan any formal talk – nothing. Guruji was speaking in such a friendly manner to me that I felt like knowing him for a long time. I did not feel at all that it was our first meeting.  I could not believe my eyes that I had the great privilege of meeting Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Ji for the first time.  He made me so much at ease that I already felt being part of his associates. I shall never forget the way Guruji gave me a few pieces of apple that was offered to him. We had a talk for about half an hour and I was invited to attend Guruji’s program in the evening.  It was a moment that has marked my life. I found in Guruji a rare combination. While steadfast in the ancient principles of his profound faith, he had the gift of generous adaptability. With his quick wit and great spirit, he was well fitted to promote reconciliation and truth among the religious seekers of the world. He brought peace and joy to multitudes. I believe that Jagadguru Rambhadraacharya Ji is one of the finest figures of wisdom and humanity that this generation has seen. He is a special person in every way. He is a magnificent world teacher for whose teachings this century is ripe. He seems to me to be a liaison officer between the efficiency of this country and the spirituality of the world. Each needs the other and each must have the mingling of the two. Such a leader as Jagadguru Rambhadracarya Ji is sorely needed. His philosophy appeals to the thinker, to those unsatisfied by materialism, who are weary of the evanescent, the unreal, which flee like shadows before the light of truth. Guruji is a God-filled seer and saint, philosopher and poet who experienced a multitude of the innumerable aspects of Ultimate Reality…. A rare genius who has penetrated further than most men into the secrets of spiritual existence.

Babaji Girish Sharma Reservoir Road, Camp-fouquereaux, Mauritius