Bhāvārthabodhinī (2007)

Hindi commentary on the Rāmacaritamānasa (1574) of Gosvāmī Tulasīdāsa. Contains the original Avadhī text of the Rāmacaritamānasa (the critical Tulasīpīṭha edition) along with a Hindi commentary of all the verses of the Rāmacaritamānasa.

Read to know why the doctrine of Tulasīdāsa is no Māyāvāda but pure Viśiṣṭādvaita; why Tulasīdāsa described three secondary and one main incarnation of Lord Rāma in the Rāmacaritamānasa; how Lord Rāma appeared in front of Kausalyā with only two and not four arms; what Tulasīdāsa meant by Bharata seeing two to four golden particles in the bed of straws where mother Sītā slept in exile; what are the secret words that the Māyā Sītā said to Lakṣmaṇa; how Lord Rāma never killed the monkey Vālin from behind; why was Laṅkā burnt on the same night while Trijaṭā dreamt it would be burnt in "four days"; why Sugrīva, Vibhīṣaṇa, Aṅgada Lord Rāma and Lord Hanumān gave five different similes for the full moon; how mother Sītā was never abandoned or banished by Lord Rāma; and many other hidden meanings and purport of Gosvāmī Tulasīdāsa explained by Guruji in lucid language using impregnable reasoning and drawing from his unparalleled knowledge of the scriptures.

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