अध्यात्मरामायणेऽपाणिनीयप्रयोगाणां विमर्शः

शोधप्रबन्धपरिशीलनतः समन्तात्सञ्जायते मतमिदं मम युक्तियुक्तम्। शोधप्रबन्धमकरन्दमधुव्रतोऽयं विद्वद्विमृग्यविरुदं लभतामिदानीम्॥

obtain the praise and fame which is especially sought after by the learned. - Kālikāprasāda Śukla, Saṃskṛta poet and grammarian" /]

Adhyātmarāmāyaṇe’pāṇinīyaprayogāṇāṃ Vimarśaḥ (English: Deliberation on non-Pāṇinian usages in the Adhyatma Ramayana) is a comprehensive Saṃskṛta essay (Nibandha) in around 50,000 words, authored in 1981 by Gurudeva (then known as Ācārya Giridharalāla Miśra Prajñācakṣu). The work was spontaneously composed by Gurudeva and dictated over thirteen days in 1981. It was presented as a doctoral thesis (Śodhaprabandha) at the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, for which the degree of Vidyāvāridhi (Ph.D.) was conferred upon Gurudeva on October 24 1981.

The work remained in the format of a typed manuscript for thirty years. In 2012, our website volunteer Nityānanda Miśra started efforts to publish a digital version. The first edition of the text in HTML format, edited and referenced with citations by Nityānanda Miśra, was released for free reading on June 30 2013. The second edition of the work, also in HTML format, was released on October 1 2013. The second edition corrected several orthographic and editorial errors in the first edition.

The current PDF and HTML edition of the work is the third edition, released on October 22 2015. This edition corrects orthographic and editorial errors in the first and second editions and adds nearly 1,200 footnotes by Nityānanda Miśra providing additional references and derivations.

Download PDF of Adhyātmarāmāyaṇe’pāṇinīyaprayogāṇāṃ Vimarśaḥ

Read Adhyātmarāmāyaṇe’pāṇinīyaprayogāṇāṃ Vimarśaḥ online

Readers are requested to point out any errors in this third edition so that we may correct them in the fourth edition.

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बुद्ध्या श्रीगुरुपादपद्मरजसा संशुद्धया सादरं कृत्वा लेखकमाप्तशीलयशसं शिष्यं शिशुं राघवम्। बालो नष्टविलोचनो गिरिधरः शब्दान् विभाव्याऽत्मना बध्नाति स्म निबन्धमेतममलं तोषाय सीतापतेः॥Making his disciple the infant Rāma, endowed with moral conduct and fame, as the scribe, the child Giridhara, devoid of physical eyesight, after respectfully examining words with his intellect, made pure by pollen from the lotus-feet of the revered Guru, composed this work for the pleasure of the Lord of Sītā. - Gurudeva